Litigation Funding

Litigation funding from Covered Bridge Capital is an investment in a lawsuit alongside the plaintiff. We provide the money you need today to cover immediate expenses; in return for your promise to repay us when your lawsuit is over—assuming you win. The decision to invest in your lawsuit is made by Covered Bridge’s underwriters and not your attorney. If you lose your lawsuit, you still get to keep the money we've given you. This is the benefit of non-recourse funding.

What You Need to Know

As a client of Covered Bridge Capital, we are dedicated to making the litigation funding process easy and hassle-free. Here are some important facts about obtaining a monetary advance on your lawsuit:

  • A lawsuit advance is not a loan; but rather an investment by Covered Bridge Capital in your case. NOTE: In the State of South Carolina, a lawsuit advance is deemed a loan.
  • The funding is structured as a non-recourse transaction, meaning that your obligation to repay Covered Bridge Capital is completely extinguished in the event of a defense verdict.
  • The advance is best described as the purchase of a portion of the proceeds that may flow from a case or action.
  • Litigation funding is not always right for every client and should be sought only after all other sources of funds have been exhausted.
  • Since our investment only pays off if the case succeeds, it is treated as high risk with a commensurate high rate of return.