At Covered Bridge Capital, we recognize that our success is linked to your success. While you work as a tireless advocate on behalf of your clients, we can empower your efforts by providing the short-term financial assistance they need. Knowing that your clients’ financial needs are being covered, you gain peace of mind and the freedom to focus on core aspects of the litigation at hand. Covered Bridge can help create a winning scenario for you and your clients.


The Case for Litigation Funding

Litigation funding can be a lifeline for your financially distressed clients, helping them to meet immediate expenses, while avoiding the premature acceptance of an unjust settlement. Like insurance, litigation funding provides a means for shifting risk. Win or lose, your client is guaranteed a recovery…we say “guaranteed” because your client has no obligation to repay us in the event of a defense verdict.

Why Covered Bridge Capital?

Covered Bridge Capital stands apart as a litigation funding partner through our team of trusted professionals, simple and responsive process, and easy access to capital.

  • Trusted Professionals

    Covered Bridge was founded by a team of attorneys who take the legal process very seriously. We treat every interaction with you and your clients with the highest level of courtesy and professionalism.

  • Responsive Process

    At Covered Bridge, we make litigation funding simple. Our process is quick and unobtrusive. We accomplish this by listening to you and your staff and making the accommodations that work best for you and your clients. Our easy contract is only two pages long and is backed by terms that are fair and simple, including a seven-day right of cancellation and a three-year cap on fees.

  • Accessible Capital

    We use our own funds for every transaction, assuring a quick turnaround for our clients, while protecting client and attorney confidentiality. Structured as a non-recourse transaction, the client’s obligation to repay Covered Bridge Capital is completely extinguished in the event of a defense verdict. Further, by limiting our advances to no more than 10% of a case’s conservatively estimated value, a Covered Bridge Capital lien should never interfere with attorneys’ efforts to settle a case.